Transformational Victors

“Those Who Change Lives and Those Whose Lives Have Changed”

We are pleased to congratulate these individuals who, as a result of their moral fiber and/or personal transformation, have dedicated themselves; through faith, courage and integrity to empower individuals to make positive choices when faced with life challenges and crisis’.  They continue to work in their communities and state to cultivate a positive environment for growth, restoration and Transformational Victories!


Mission & Values

Transformational Victories seeks to inform, uplift and engage all segments of the community to work collectively to cultivate a positive environment for growth and restoration.

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How we work

Transformational Victories utilizes the inspirational testimonies of individuals who have overcome great obstacles and difficulties through faith with dedication, courage and integrity.

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Do you know an outstanding member of the community that has made a Tranformation? Or someone that is helping to change the lives of others? Let us know! We feature new members of the community monthy.