Dave Bing

Member, Basketball Hall of Fame / Former Mayor of Detroit, Michigan

“It has been said that one should embrace each challenge in one’s life as an opportunity for self-transformation. Thomas Payne’s amazing self-transformation has propelled him on this new journey to use his challenges to inspire and motivate others.”

Jocelyn Johnson

Global Director - General Electric Healthcare Corporation

“I have met and known Thomas Payne for nearly ten years of his incredible journey. Amazingly, he maintains a positive and inspirational attitude and shares it with others each day.”

Dale Brown

LSU Head Basketball Coach 1972-1997

“I have developed a warm relationship with Thomas Payne and he is the real deal. He truly is an exceptional man that is very articulate, well read, intellectual, sensitive, spiritual,, genuine and motivated to spend the rest of his life guiding others. I highly recommend him to speak to any group, and especially young folks.”

Thomas J. Adams

President - Chance for Life Organization (Detroit, MI)

“Thomas Payne is an exceptional person whose story has the ability to stimulate change in those that have an ear to hear.”

Edward C. Forest, Jr.

Retired Police Captain, Lansing, MI

“Thomas Payne is authentic and real, and he willingly shares the good, bad and ugly of his acceptance and restoration in Jesus Christ. His full spectrum of experience from the pinnacle to prison to promise will inspire you to ask, “what must I do to be saved?”

Marian Phillips

Retired Administrator, Lansing School District

As a former educator and single mother of three adult children, I am acutely aware of how important it is to involve mentors and positive role models in their lives. Thomas Payne’s transformational journey has equipped him with the intellectual and spiritual insight to influence positive change in the lives of at-risk youth and adults. He is passionate and dedicated to helping those who are faced with adversity and challenging circumstances make the right decision for themselves, families and communities.

Jim Andrews

University of Kentucky, 1970 – 1973

Nearly 50 years ago, fate brought Thomas Payne and me together as teammates on a historic University of Kentucky basketball team. Through the years, faith has reunited us together as spiritual brothers. I have witnessed Thomas’ transformational journey, through faith, and I believe his story will inspire and help others overcome barriers and challenges.

Pastor Perryn O. Dillard, Sr.

Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church (Olmstead, Kentucky)

Thomas Payne and I have shared many intimate moments of character development and spiritual growth. He has always been a positive influence in my life and I believe that sharing the lessons learned from his personal story of transformation will inspire others to pursue healthy relationships and a positive lifestyle through faith.