Life Coach and Adversity Strategist

Transformational Victories offers a diverse and dynamic corps of speakers lead by its Founder and President, Thomas R. Payne, Jr. He is a Life Coach, Adversity Strategist, and spiritual-social justice advocate. Thomas is a dynamic and stimulating speaker with a unique history, limitless vision and inexhaustible faith.

Thomas presents “Lessons in Transformationto share his spiritual testimony that is a mirror reflection of his life.  The mistakes he made in his life were costly; leading to a lengthy period of incarceration and the erosion of many years of his life, with very little hope for physical and spiritual freedom.  It was only God’s love and redemptive grace that allowed him another chance at life.

Now that he is free, he has devoted and committed himself to liberating, inspiring and uplifting others who are struggling in the mire of adversity. Thomas’ personal testimony reflects a true Transformational Victory; birthed from a place of understanding God’s love, faithfulness and mercy in his life.  He shares his spiritual testimony and life lessons with churches and faith-based organizations.

As a Life Coach and Adversity Strategist, Thomas has also developed  “Disciplines of Excellence – the making of champions in everyday life.”, through which he offers a blueprint for living a positive life to overcome obstacles, barriers and adversity to reach one’s full potential.  Thomas’ presentations are excellent for at-risk youth and young adults; and formerly incarcerated individuals transitioning back into their communities.  The main goal is to help them recognize and avoid influences that lead to criminal behavior that forever negatively impacts themselves, their family and communities.

Thomas also uses this platform to speak to high school, collegiate and young professional athletes about his life and the importance of positive behavior, personal responsibility and community service.

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