Dream Warriors Project

“I will do something great; I will be someone great!”

We believe the greatest good is possible, with the right focus and purpose. We are a refuge offering practical solutions and resources to help young people succeed in life.

Our youth face many challenges keeping on the right path of life in today’s culture. It is often a tremendous struggle due to the adverse systemic challenges they face in society; and often also in their own home. They need to be inspired to pursue their dreams and set goals, in spite of difficult and seemingly daunting situations. They need and are seeking an emotional, moral and positive vehicle to encourage and empower them. The answer is the Dream Warriors Project!


Encourage, inspire, motivate, and support young people in achieving their dreams and goals. Give young people the educational tools, emotional support, and moral mentorship needed to succeed in the real world. Help young people learn strategies to overcome the adversity they may face in life in achieving their dreams.

The Impact

The Dream Warriors Project provides an opportunity for youth and young adults, ages 10 and up, including those identified as “at-risk,” to interact with successful role models and to have those individuals serve as their mentors; helping them pursue their dreams in a positive manner. Dream Warriors Mentors are successful men and women of purpose, integrity and love. They are committed to provide our youth with the life focus, guidance, nurture, wisdom and the investment of adult experience to not only survive, but to thrive and prosper in today’s complex culture.

The Reach

The Dream Warriors Project will utilize a multi-faceted social marketing strategy to inform and engage youth throughout their involvement in the project. It will include a presence on the major social media platforms; including Facebook, Instagram, Tic Toc, LinkedIn. It will provide motivational tools for self-improvement, as well as a weekly chat session, via Zoom, for young people to discuss their dreams, goals, life issues and the journey of their struggles and victories. A third component will be live and pre-recorded Podcasts of interviews and discussions on the various aspects of achievement, entrepreneurism and personal development. These will be prolific discussions on interpersonal thinking and behaviors that are necessary to succeed in this challenging and rapidly changing culture and technological environment.


Transformational Victories has developed a Dream Warrior Advisory Board that will work with schools, faith-based organizations, community organizations, businesses, municipal officials, post-secondary institutions, professional athletes and others to attract youth participants and to develop a corps of trained and committed mentors to support Dream Warriors.

Work with Dream Warriors

Transformational Victories has developed modifiable templates for classroom program delivery, as well as instructional guides for developing rallies or other large group meetings. We have speakers and staff available to assist in presenting the Dream Warriors Project in communities throughout the country.

We welcome you to be part of the dynamic Dream Warriors Project!