Our Core Values

The following Values serve as the foundation on which Transformational Victories was established and reflect the principles that remain at the core of its strategic efforts to work with partners to inform, uplift and engage all segments of the community to work collectively to cultivate a positive environment for growth and restoration.

Disciplines of Excellence

Excellence is the achievement of being outstanding, extremely good or superior in any pursuit. As a major component of achieving a transformational victory, it requires untiring dedication, a strong work ethic and unwavering honesty.

Conquering Systemic Barriers

Education and cognitive deficiencies must be addressed as systemic issues, which significantly impact the ability of individuals to succeed in the community and transition back in the community following any detachment.  Non-traditional methods of delivery of strategic life skills must be implemented to address the needs of diverse populations. Statutory barriers must be removed and access to legal options for expungement must be expanded.

Critical Decision Making

It is important to understand the short-term and long-range impacts of decisions on one’s exploration of responsibilities and potential consequences when responding to challenges and adversarial situations.

Deterrence Strategies

Constructive actions must be taken to strengthen the character and moral development of youth that will prepare them to become positive productive adults.  Further education, training and cognitive development must be provided for adults who have been incarcerated or experience other emotional and behavioral setbacks.

Kinsman Redeemer Principles

A culmination of choices and lifestyle create destiny.  Restoration comes from true atonement and the mutual acknowledgement and acceptance of regrets.  The application of supportive, caring strong brotherhood is a lifelong development.

Restorative Justice

Collaborative coalitions representing all segments of the community must be developed to address all aspects of the criminal justice and correction system; including offender issues, victim issues, family and community issues; and solutions implemented that enable courts and criminal justice departments to carry-out their evolving legal responsibilities, in the most humane and efficient manner.