Who We are

We are people who care about the well-being of the individuals and families in our communities.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to improve our communities by working together to build strong bonds.

Our History

The challenges we have faced have prepared us to be effective mentors to assist individuals with the next step in improving their lives.

Transforming Lives – Strengthening Communities

My reflections of life are the mirror of my testimony.  My testimony is my Transformational Victory. 

My main goal as a communicator is preventing criminal behavior that influences and impacts at-risk young men.  I am also a social-spiritual justice advocate opening frameworks of discussion that offer transformational points of views that are stimulating, unique and relevant to the challenges we are facing as a collective society.

Transformational Victories was birthed from a place of understanding God’s love, faithfulness and mercy in my life.

The mistakes I made in my life were costly; years of my life were eroded with very little hope of physical and spiritual freedom.

The barren lifelessness of a desert was truly symbolic of my life.  My own behavior had diminished my life, and it was only God’s love and redemptive grace that allowed me another chance at life.

Now that I am free, I have devoted and committed my experiences, i.e., wisdom and insights; into liberating, inspiring and uplifting others who are struggling in the mire of adversity.  In the spirit of “My Brother’s Keeper” and restorative/redemptive love…Transformational Victories is here to share with all segments of society, the principles, lessons and my personal illustrations of overcoming the barriers, obstacles and challenges we face.

Thomas R. Payne Jr., Founder


Transformational Victories helps meet the needs of our our clients, overcoming challenges, and creating opportunities for success

Share Your Goal

Let us know what your goal is and we will help create a strategy

Identify Challenges

We help identify challenges and find the solution-driven resources

Get a Solution

We work with our clients to make sure they understand how to execute plans, and best utilize the resources provided